john-crouseJohn Crouse

John is our Vice-President and the Chief Financial Officer of Hays Utility South.  He oversees the payroll and accounting processes, having worked in those areas since coming to Hays in 2002.  In addition, John handles HR responsibilities and employee benefit programs, and coordinates all IT maintenance and repairs.

John was born in Wichita, Kansas and moved with his parents to Texas and then on to New Mexico, where he attended junior high and high school.  He pursued college programs in music education and in composition and theory, attending colleges in Pasadena, California, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and in Wichita Falls, Texas.  He was employed full-time in churches for over 20 years as a minister of music and school teacher, working extensively with adult and youth choirs and ensembles, in church and church school activities and competitions, and has continued to be involved in church music since coming to Hays.  During his years as a church employee, he also acquired some excellent OTJ training and a wealth of experience in bookkeeping and accounting systems, as well as computers and networks.  At one of the churches he served in this area, John became friends with Danny and Cindy (Hays) Wright, officers of Hays Utility Service Corporation.  Knowing his accounting background, when a long term Hays employee was nearing retirement, they approached John about applying to be her eventual replacement.  John considers it a blessing that they welcomed him into the company, and has a strong commitment to the success of Hays Utility South.

John has been married for 33 years to his wife Pam, who is an RN.  They have 3 children: two married daughters, and a son who is currently living with them while he attends college.  They have 7 grandchildren, four boys and two girls, and are really enjoying the grandparent stage of life.-